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My way to the beginning

You ever had a lot to do, but wasn’t sure how to start? That’s how my week’s been. I need to get back to Racing the Rain, write some new short stories, work on other writing-related projects — as well as keeping this site updated — but sometimes I don’t where to start. I took stock of my projects and plotted them out on a calendar. Now my projects are laid out in front of me. Now the only thing I need to do is keep up with the days of the week. Oh, and of course, the word count.

To help keep the words flowing, I returned to the Magic Spreadsheet. Not that I haven’t abandoned it, however, I took a few months off to decompress from the world of words. I spend a lot of time around words, whether at the pay job, working on Stepping Stones, or a few of my other online ventures, I spend a lot of time having with sentences in my head. There are times when there’s nothing left in the mental tank. However, I need to press forward. The Magic Spreadsheet will make me feel more accountable to get my words in during each day. More words mean finishing projects.

Then the real fun begins.

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