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One step at a time

Ever have the intention to write and weren’t exactly sure where to start? I’m sitting on that park bench right now. I have projects on which to work, it’s just I feel like I want to work on all of them. However, I think I’m turning in my multitask maverick card and focusing more on finishing one project at a time.

I think the first thing I should do is get reacquainted to writing for long stretches. While I type pretty much all day, it’s not in a creative capacity and is in short spurts. I hope updating the blog regularly will ease me back into getting in the habit of writing regularly. One of my biggest goals is to get back to working on Racing the Rain. I do realize for that to happen, I need to cut back on distractions. I took the first step by suspending my Facebook account.

I’m reading through what I’ve written so far with Racing. If I can pick up where I left off, I will keep the story moving forward. I might need to take time to get back in the flow, so I might pick up another project or maybe write something new. I haven’t written a short story in a while.

Either way, I see the path ahead of me. I guess I should be going.


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