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Two down, one to go?

They say death comes in triplets, but what about hospital stays? My mom has been in the hospital for almost three weeks having to get an aneurysm removed from somewhere between her heart and spine. I’m happy to say that, while she has a long recovery journey in front of her, the surgery was successful and she will be able to forward with her life.

No sooner than we start getting ourselves back to a somewhat normal life, does my youngest daughter end up in the emergency room. Appendicitis. As soon as I heard the words, I knew what was coming. She was transported to our area Children’s Hospital and as of this writing is being prepped for surgery. Fortunately, there’s no rupture or life-threatening issue going on. The appendectomy is more of a precaution against a rupture in the future.

As I sit here and type, one thought keeps playing over in my mind. Who next? Trust me, I don’t wish these experiences on anyone. I just find it odd that hospital surgical wards are slowing being filled with my kin. I know, it sounds a bit melodramatic, but it’s still an eerie thought as I sit down to have dinner with my remaining family members.

Or are we merely survivors?

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