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What I like about Windows 7

Out of the blue, I decided to throw Windows 7 on my laptop. I’ve been using Antergos and Elementary OS distros (operating systems to the tech-impaired readers) for almost a full year. I love what each distro brought to the table. And while I always will be an advocate for Linux and continue to use it daily, I am not ashamed to admit I have a spot in my geek heart for Windows 7.

Before Windows 7 — and my discovery of Linux — Windows XP was my OS of choice. Despite XP’s minor flaws, it worked well and was pretty damn responsive on 2 GB of memory. In my opinion, Windows 7 became the mature version of XP. It was the next logical step in Windows personal computing and I was okay with it. Then Windows 8 came along and left me with such a bad feeling I left the Microsoft OS entirely and and took up residence in the Linux community. And there I remained until two nights ago, when I slid my Windows 7 USB stick into the port and installed it on my SSD (solid state drive).

My jaw dropped as I went from no power to a full desktop in 12 seconds. (It may have been faster, but I didn’t have a timer.) Applications flashed open and snapped close with speed that reminded me of XP. I installed Office 2003 and 2010 and both opened with the same speed. I installed LibreOffice and without changing any settings, the office suite responded better than expected. I never had much fun using the Alt + Tab key combo to switch between apps.

I think I’m going to take a week or two and see what I can get done. No worries, though, Antergos is still alive and well residing on my desktop’s hard drive.

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