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Where did the time go?

You never know how much time you wasted until you look at when you first started a project. It’s been almost a year since I started Racing the Rain and I am only a handful of chapters deep. (Three chapters have been posted and two new chapters have been written and not yet published.) It stopped me cold and reminded me that I have a lot of work to do. Now it’s time for me to stop thinking about doing and start working toward finishing.

It’s funny, finishing projects have always been a hurdle for me. Not because I lose interest in what I’m doing. It’s more due to my synchronization issue between my mind and body. My mind is already thinking about new chapters, settings and characters before I physically sit down to write. I am always in a state of playing catch up with my brain and that leads to frustration when I get lost along the way. I’ve tried various ways of getting the mind and body to play along nicely with one another, but I haven’t been as successful as I would like.

I believe part of the problem might be my over-reliance on being able to multitask. Since I can remember, I’ve always juggled multiple projects. It’s almost like the stress of it all motivates me. Well, at least it did. Now, I find myself getting so frustrated at times, I just drop everything and retreat into myself. Seems like the next logical step would be to focus on finishing one project at a time. What’s there to lose? I’ve already squandered enough time.

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