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Why I hate Windows 8

While installing Windows 8 (version 8.1 to be exact) wasn’t too much different than installing Windows 7 or Linux for that matter. I didn’t like having to tie my account to an email address. Maybe folks are okay with that, but I just don’t understand why I need to submit an email address to install an OS on my computer.

On a quad-core PC with 12 GB of RAM, installation took about 20 minutes. After setting up the PC, I had to wait almost another 10 minutes while Windows 8 prepared for my first use. What the hell was it preparing? Was it going to cook me a meal? When the tiled interface — because apparently we’re not supposed to call it the Metro interface, though we’ve been calling it that for almost a year — filed the screen I cringed. I’m used to a wallpaper and that’s it. I usually nuke the icons and other adornments, but there wasn’t anyway I could get rid of this annoyance.

I pressed the Windows key and was brought to a familiar Windows 7-like interface. However, where the hell as the start menu? I pressed the Windows key and the “don’t call me Metro” interface reappeared lke freaking Jason Vorheese from those Friday the 13th flicks. I knew I should have erased this installation and raced back to Windows 7, but since I opened this level of hell, I might as well explore.

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