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Change for the sake of creativity

While I change this website more than I change my mind, I’ve settled on this look. Well, at least for now. Over the last two weeks, I’ve been reading up on the minimalist lifestyle and, while there are absolutely some things I refuse to do — I’m a tech junky, so sometimes I splurge on toys — there are concepts I fully embrace. One such concept deals with reducing clutter in your life.

I looked at WWaS and it felt too cluttered. I tried different templates, adding/removing plugins, adjusting photos, but nothing really called to me. Then I stumbled across the theme Twenty Fifteen by WordPress and immediately felt that I found the right look. It’s clean, simple and the typography is easy on the eyes. Mission accomplished. Next step is to go through the plugins and other site-related stuff and see what detracts from the site and to remove it.

What I hope remains is a minimal, yet functional canvas on which I can continue to ply my trade so to speak and continue working on becoming a better writer.

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