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My Belle Dell

About two months ago, I traded in my Lenovo laptop for a Dell. Outside of missing the Lenovo’s keyboard, the transition has been a smooth one. One of the biggest advantages the Dell has over the Lenovo is a 1920×1080 screen. Not only does this give me plenty of screen real estate on the laptop itself, but when connected to an external display, I feels like I’m in front of a desktop PC.

While the screen has been a blessing for these old eyes, another bonus is having over five hours of battery life. With the Lenovo, if I grabbed three hours without running to an outlet, that was a win. While I am usually around a power source, there are times where I am writing on the laptop for stretched of time without external juice. Having a laptop with a decent battery means that I can write without the overwhelming feeling that my laptop is going to shut off, taking my words with it.

Unfortunately, when it comes to typing, the Lenovo offered a better tactile typing experience. (If you’ve ever used Lenovo’s AccuType keyboards, then you know what I mean.) The Inspiron’s keys are just a little too shallow for my taste. Not to mention the keys are spread a little farther apart than I’m accustomed. This slowed me down from 60 wpm to around 55 with a few mistakes. I’m sure this will change the more I use the keyboard.

While things have been positive for the most part, I won’t know how little or how much I like the Dell until NaNoWriMo. I’ll have over 50K words to help me put the laptop through its paces. Either way, I’ll make the best of it. I have no choice.

I already sold the Lenovo.

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