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What I use: Twitter

When it comes to social media, I wouldn’t say I’m the most talkative. I share things I find interesting and, if there is something to contribute, I’ll blow a status message from my brain’s airlock into the interwebs. While I do have accounts on Instagram and Google+, I spend most of my time on .

My reasoning is simple. Twitter limits what I can say and how much I can say at any one time. I have 140 characters to get to the point. True, there are apps to help me circumvent Twitter’s limit, but a) I’m lazy and b) it defeats the purpose of why I like Twitter in the first place. Unlike Facebook or Google+, I can log in, read several Tweets and keep it moving. With desktop notifications, I can leave the app running in the background and at a glance stay connected with the network. When I have sometime to say, it’s short and to the point. Done.

Much like this post.

You can sign up for Twitter here. Feel free to follow me @symplietrinae!

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