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In the beginning

Funny, I don’t think I’ve ever done any worldbuilding in a traditional sense. Sure, I’ve made notes as to geography, weather, langue, etc., but I never took the time to sit and build a fictional world from scratch. I think I want to dig my hands in the dirt and grow a world or two.

I reached out to the Twitterverse asking for resources to get started on my quest to become a digital deity. Svetlana Belkin, over at the  Sense of Openness website, pointed me in the direction the worldbuilding forum on the Stack Exchange website. It’s proving to be a great resource. (Thanks, Svetlana!)

There is a lot of information to absorb. Between Stack Exchange and the worldbuilding subreddit I stumbled upon, I will be spending many hours reading and experimenting with different things, to give my characters a three-dimensional world in which to live, struggle and (maybe) triumph. From there, I will turn my attention to my novel project and continue writing armed with the new information my world uncovers. (Of course, I will be going back and doing a lot of rewriting to make it all work.)

If you’re a worldbuilder, be it for writing, gaming or just for fun; what are your favorite world-building guides?

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