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Branching out into freelancing

From an odd jobs standpoint, September has been a good month for writing and non-writing projects. While I would love to freelance full time, it’s nowhere near being a reality. I have too many obligations that require a steady income to fantasy living the hand-to-mouth lifestyle.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t do it more on a part-time basis; that’s my goal for 2017. I want to see if I can earn 10% of my annual income through freelance gigs. If I’m successful, I’ll continue to raise the percentage until I hit the first major goal of 50% earned from freelancing. From there, I will continue the climb until I reach 75%, which is my current threshold for my living expenses. (I try to put 25% on my income away for retirement and other rainy-day funds.)

Since I have a computer repair background, I’m going to use that as a jumping point, picking up writing gigs where I can. Incidentally, I tried the freelance writing thing way back in the day. Unfortunately, I didn’t know anything about the business and folded as fast as it started. This time, I have a little more knowledge and experience under my belt.

However, no matter the level of success, completing these unfinished books are my first priority.

Time to get to work.

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