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Never free of bad karma

[Begin rant]

I’m glad I got into the habit of silencing my cell phone when I’m home, or else the text I received last night would have landed me in jail. I wrote earlier about the ex, who put our daughter and her kids out. Well, this same person had the audacity to send me a text, thanking me for their freedom.

What the fuck?

First, I don’t need thanks for anyone for being there for my family, let alone my kid. I didn’t do it for the ex. I did it for the four little kids still trying to figure out what’s going on. Thankfully, they’re young enough that (hopefully) this won’t have any lasting impact on them. For my daughter, it’s a chance to do things better and to develop a greater sense of independence.

And for the ex; while you view as throwing you child (and their children) out on the street is freedom, I believe you’ll never be free of the bad karma that you will have to face one of these days.

[End rant]

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