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A hurricane instead of steady rain

When you look on the internet, the advice for new writers starting their blogs seems to be to have a unified theme instead of posting random musings.

May I scream just a little? Please?

Don’t get me wrong, if you’re the one-theme writer, then go for it. But I suspect most folks aren’t so one-dimensional. Seeing myself sitting at the desk, typing the same thing over and over feels too Jack Torrance if you know what I mean. Next, you’re picking up a fire ax and chasing your loved ones through a hedge maze screaming like a maniac.

Alright, maybe it’s not that bad. But it’s at least like eating the same bowl of Cheerios. Every meal. Every day. Forever.

I enjoy posting my thoughts on the writing life. I also enjoy discussing my adventures learning Linux, working out, gaming or the little things that grace my day to day. Please don’t think I believe drafting posts solely on writing is dull. I’m saying there are other things I enjoy just as much as writing and my blog reflects those interests. Why should I run three separate websites because someone I never met says I should? That if I want to be a real writer, I should create content solely on that theme? I like to think of Writing Wearing a Straitjacket to be more like a hurricane, instead of a steady rain shower. My thoughts are all over the place; sometimes about writing, other times not.

I don’t think my posting a guide on playing Fallout 4  makes me less of a writer. With the all the work going into writing a good guide, it might make me even better between the sheets — get your mind out of the gutter people — of paper that is.

This site started as a personal sounding board for me to whine about being a writer. And it still is, more or less. But, it’s also a great space to get to know more about myself and to figure out my purpose in the greater digital world.

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