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Morning ritual: trading the weights for a keyboard

It’s 6:30 AM and I’m out the bed and in front of the PC writing this post. I’m trying to get into a routine of getting up earlier to either write (like I’m doing now) or to hit the gym. Yesterday, I went to the gym in the morning and, while I had a great workout, I noticed by the end of the day, I was mentally out of it. Of course, this could have been in part to the draining work day, but I didn’t have the mental energy to do any writing.

By writing in the morning, I am hoping I can still bang out a decent workout since my brain is literally on autopilot when I’m lifting weights. That’s not to say I don’t focus on my workout. But with the heavy bass and guitar riffs blasting in my ears, I physically push past any fatigue I might be feeling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way with my writing.

Armed with the first of many cups of coffee (I drink about 40 ounces in total if you wanted to know) I wiggled the mouse and sat there staring at my desktop. I wasn’t sure where to start, though two of my unfinished novels sat to my left. Despite my desire to just get into the story and type madly away on the keyboard, I started with this post to wake up.

Unfortunately, because of my slow start, I’m about to get ready for work, but, I did accomplish a few things that will put me in position for better productivity tomorrow. But I did learn the following about myself:

  • I feel more creative in the morning
  • I’m more alert
  • I can write while listening to a podcast
  • Once I warm up, I’m more efficient with writing

Now let’s see if I can turn this into something a little more productive.

By the way, here’s a pic of my desktop:


Photo by pheezy

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