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The origin story of my gaming username

I’m a gamer. Been one for all my life. From early consoles like Intellivision to my current PC gaming rig, I’ve always played video games. But, it wasn’t until the year 2002 that I started building my gaming personae online with the game Starsiege: Tribes. I signed up for an account and it asked me for a username. I’ve always seen myself as a fallen angel character in games, neither being good nor bad, just doing what I pleased in game. So I settled on the gamertag WickedAngel. Unfortunately, the name was taken. (Apparently, I am not in the least original.) Sure, there was WickedAngel345 or 294WickedAngel, but hell with those names. I wasn’t the one of 345 WickedAngels. I was The One! (I lived in the Matrix, I know how it goes.)

Since I was stuck on the name — and I really wanted this name — I played with phonetics and broke down the name into something sounding (somewhat) like WickedAngel.

Wi – Wy (as in myth)
cked – ked
An – en (closest match I could think of at the time)
gel – gel

There. I typed in Wykedengel and it worked! So that’s been my gaming username/gamertag ever since. It’s also the name of a few characters I create in game because, well, I’m lazy.

So if you’re on some distant planet or out in the wastes and you see the name flash across your screen, stop and say hello and please don’t shoot me in the face. My characters are a tad vain.

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