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Well that was scary

Back from a long and eventful doc visit. While I am in seriously good health, my blood pressure has been an issue on and off for three years. Diet and exercise, while it’s done wonders for my physique, surprisingly hasn’t done much to improve my systolic and diastolic numbers. I eat healthier than most, though I do cheat meals on the weekends. I don’t smoke, do recreational drugs and I have a drink or at the most three in a month. (I actually lost 20 lbs thinking it would help.) When I went in for an appointment, I was offered two options, take emergency meds in the office to help bring down the blood pressure, or get sent to the emergency room around the corner.

I opted to take the pills. My wife and I had a dinner date and I wasn’t about to miss it sitting in an ER for the rest of the evening.

She used two phrases I wasn’t familiar with: hypertensive crisis and situational hypertension. So me being me I had to ask. Being in hypertensive crisis basically my blood pressure is high enough where it’s damaging blood vessels, which make it harder for the heart to work.

Me: You make it sound like I’m about to drop dead.
Her: It’s a real possibility.
Me: Well shit, you win. I’ll take the meds.

That was a real exchange. (Don’t think I violated any HIPPA laws since I’m the patient.) The good news is, she doesn’t believe any organs are damaged, yet, but I need to follow the “freaking directions” as she put it. (Like my wife, sometimes I wonder why my doc puts up with me.)

When I guessed that there are things in my environment, either at home, work or other that is cause my blood pressure to go apeshit, she smiles and confirmed it more or less. The thing is, I pretty much know what those things are and I’m working to change one and if I can’t find relief with the other, then I will have to make changes there, too.

There are too many things on my bucket list I need to do for me to kick that bucket now. The experience was an eye-opener and I plan to be proactive with treating hypertension.

What I would like you to do is get your blood pressure checked. You can start like I did using the machines in stores like Walmart or Giant if you don’t want to see a physician. However, if it’s even a little elevated, go see a doc.

I need you around to read more of these posts.

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