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What has shaped my writing?

It’s a simple question for which I had a simple answer. That is, until I thought about it.

Writing found me completely by accident. In both middle and high school, I wrote papers for class when I had to, but I never occurred to me that I enjoyed putting words on paper because I was too consumed with chasing my dream of becoming a comic book artist!

Unfortunately, passion can only take you so far. And while I had the passion of a starving artist, bent on success by any means, I had the skill of a toddler. Storytelling part of  the comics were good for an amatuer, but I couldn’t draw to save my life. (And this was decades before stick figure comics became cool.) No matter how much I practiced, or how many classes I took, I just didn’t have the aptitude for drawing.

Then it hit me, why not tell my stories without having to worry about drawing? What if I could paint the picture in readers’ minds? They would see images their brains created from my words. It would be like a partnership! That’s where my love for writing fiction began. While my early efforts resulted in stories written in choppy paragraphs full of incomplete sentences, I liked telling stories and creating pictures with words. I spent years working on improving, writing, taking classes and joining writing groups when I could. And while those things coupled hundreds of thousands of words never seeing the light of day, it has helped me realize writing is the one thing I want to do if I could do nothing else.

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