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Next step in Linux migration

I’ve been using Linux over the past year and while there have been small issues here and there, the experience on a whole has been pretty damn awesome. I enjoyed my foray into the land of open source so much, I decided to write using Linux full time. This means I’ll work primarily from my laptop and convert the desktop into a full-time gaming rig. Too bad, though; I already decided I wouldn’t be playing much of The Division.

Since I used Antergos for much of my Linux journey, I will continue using what I know. I haven’t had too many issues that couldn’t be resolved with a little web browsing and besides, I’m too lazy to change to something else. My desktop environment of choice? KDE 5.6. It fits with how I work and it looks nice without being too gaudy. I posted a screenshot of my desktop; as you can see, nothing too crazy.


I need to narrow down the apps I will use. Chromium, an open source variant of Google Chrome that ships with Antergos runs without issue. The apps I use in Chrome work in Chromium, so I’m not going to be missing any functionality. While I will miss my beloved Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer has come an amazingly long way. I have been able to successfully work between Word and Writer without issue, so I will be happy using Writer. (I write my rough drafts using a plain text editor anyway.) I still need something for smaller tasks like taking notes and writing short forms like blog posts, but I have the word processor, email (thanks to Mozilla Thunderbird) and web browser down.

Do you use Linux? If so, what apps are you using to get your writing done? Windows folks, anyone tried LibreOffice? What’s your opinion? Anyone using a dedicated app for taking notes? If so, feel free to share below.

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