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I ain’t got time to bleed

In the movie, Predator, the character Blain is shot in the arm during a firefight. His partner, Poncho, looks over and says, “You’re bleeding, man. You’re hit.”
Without batting an eye, Blain responds, “I ain’t got time to bleed.”

That’s sort of what I’m feeling now. Last Fridays, my daughter, and her four children were kicked out of her home. (Won’t go too much into detail, but it involved the other parent, the ex, someone I feel isn’t worth space on the page.) In the span of a few heartbeats, my household size increased by five, making almost the size of an NFL offense.

But I don’t have time to fret about it.

My wife and I are planning to downsize, moving into a smaller place sometime around February. I still have those goals. In the meantime, I will be working with my daughter to develop a plan to keep this unfortunate situation from happening in the future. For me at least, it’s important that the people around me are stable before I move on. I’m not worried about me. Thanks to my parents, I can survive pretty much any situation. Besides, like Blain, I don’t have time to stop and worry about what ifs when I am looking at what is. And what it is, looks to be a lot of work.

I better get started.

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