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Unitasking in a multitasking world

For years, I’ve juggled multiple projects. I succeeded most times; everything worked as intended. But when it didn’t work, talk about shit hitting the fan. Now that I’m older and more forgetful, I find myself spending more time cleaning up shit than getting things done. Time to rethink my strategy.

Like damn near everything else these days, took to the internet. One productivity hack that caught my attention was unitasking, the method of completing one task or project at a time before moving to the next. I discovered how to rank projects based on a variety of criteria. Sometimes, if there are several of small tasks, I group them according to what I can do the fastest. More involved projects are prioritized by how much research and extra things I have to do before I can complete any given task. If I’m stuck on a project, I learned to move on and circle back when I have cleared out the other tasks.

While embracing this new method of productivity, I wanted to tweak it a little by using this in tandem with the Pomodoro Technique. Using the short bursts of time to complete each project, I find I am getting more during my productive hours, while not feeling fatigued. Having a short break after a block of work allows me the ability to do the one thing I’m not use to doing.


And I’m okay with that.

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