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Well I’ll be damned

I originally wanted to start this week off by writing about my vacation experiences in Thailand, but after waking up to the announcement that Donald J. Trump was elected as the 45th president of our country, I felt the need to get this out of my system. It’s sort of like having to burp after downing a can of Diet Coke. A necessity.

He wasn’t my choice for president. Neither was Hilary. Yet, he is the one people voted to lead the US for the next four years, whether I like it or not. But that’s the funny part. Despite the narrow margin, “the people” actually voted for Clinton. Our electoral college picked Trump. While this post isn’t about whether the EC should be abolished, it is something to think about now that for the fourth time, a candidate that won the popular vote lost the election.

Look, I don’t know what type of president Trump will be. I don’t know him, only what I’ve read and what I’ve seen on television. However, if there is any truth to what I’ve been shown, then he has a long way to go to change my current opinion. But then again, what does he care? After looking at the numbers, there are millions of people — including some of my neighbors — that like him just the way he is. And that’s what I find disheartening.

In listening to the man himself, Trump has demonstrated the qualities of being racist, sexist and a homophobe. He has publicly made fun of people with disabilities and he has even managed to alienate members of his own party. Yet, a majority of the American public embraced him and elected him to lead our country for the next four years.

And it’s the thought that so many people share Trump’s ideology that makes me cringe. The fact that by electing such a person, the voters are saying they agree (to whatever extent) what Trump believes; that they support his ideologies and that through him, the country will be better off in the future than where it is presently.

I don’t have the answer. Like many, I will have to wait and see what our president-elect has in mind to “make America great again.” Despite my reservations and my dismay, the fact is Donald Trump will take his oath of office on January 20, 2017.
I don’t have to like it, but if I am to believe in this system of democracy, I have to accept it. At least for the next four years.

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