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Trying Windows 10: Day 01

I had to do it. Pride wouldn’t let me do anything else. I’m writing to you from Windows 10. Since I received a few messages that said my dislike for Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS was a little harsh; and that if I would take the time to get to use Windows 10 “for longer than ten minutes,” that I would see that it’s a solid OS. You know, they could be right. I mean an operating system that tries to sneak its way on a user’s PC can’t be that bad, right?

I downloaded and installed Windows 10 to a thumb drive and within minutes, I defiled the sanctity ofmy Linux desktop. (I’m being a bit sarcastic now, but I plan more objectivity later; even if it stings a little.)

After partitioning my hard drive and going through the prompts I was soon faced with a somewhat familiar desktop. I’ve used Windows 10 before and still use Windows 7 for gaming, therefore I know my way around the desktop. The first thing I noticed was that Windows starting updating like a demon possessed. Usually, I like to schedule my updates while I sleep. Apparently, Microsoft has taken the option away from me. (Starting to feel like I’m using GNOME here.) Drivers updated, and optional windows components started pouring in. I’m not going to lie, I don’t like it. I want to control my PC my way and not as the OS dictates I should.

Now I don’t want to paint a totally bleak picture. My ThinkPad’s touchpad worked just as it had using Ubuntu or Antergos, so that was a big plus. I didn’t have that luxury when I tried out Windows 7 on this machine. Every other word seemed to piss off the touchpad. I would find myself typing over sentences I wrote three or four lines back. May seem small to some, but if you type for any length of time on a laptop, you understand.

After Windows continues updating and rebooting, I’ll move on to installing apps. Unfortunately, I don’t have all day to wait.

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