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Trying Windows 10: Day 02

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 on a dare. While it took more time and reboots I would like, I was finally able to look at a desktop and get started with my normal day-to-day. I will say it again; Windows 10 is fast. I would say it’s as fast as Windows 7. I would like to research boot time benchmarks between Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu and Arch) to see how much of a difference is there between operating systems, if any.

First thing I had to do was replace Microsoft Edge with Google Chrome. I know, Edge is supposed to be the next big thing, but there’s no way in hell I’m believing that. Installed Chrome and few additional apps from the Ninite website and then I turned my attention to my home network. (If by chance you haven’t heard of Ninite, it’s an awesome website that allows you to install popular apps legally and without having to worry about spyware and other crap being downloaded to your PC.

Surprisingly, Windows 10 saw my network shares and, get this, connect to my wireless printer without my having to install a thing. You would think I would be shouting from the top of my lungs, but I noticed there seemed to be a lot of chatter between my laptop and my wireless network and that concerns me. I didn’t notice the activity on Windows 7. The only way to quiet the net chatter happened was to installed Spybot Anti-Beacon and Tiny Wall.

With that stuff out of the way, I took Windows 10 for a spin. I didn’t use my Microsoft account. I didn’t feel that I should have to. However, for me to access the Windows Store and the Xbox app, I would need to use my Microsoft account. Luckily, I could install software the old fashion way, so that’s what I did. (Update: There is a way to use your Microsoft account per app only while keeping a local profile. That information is found here.)

What are my impressions after the second day using Windows 10? Here’s a breakdown of the positives and negatives.

Fast boot up
Snappy system
Easily connect to existing Windows network
Easy connection to wireless printer

Having to use a Microsoft account to access all features
Windows 10 Telemetry

Next up, let’s actually get some work done!

Feature Image Photo by Miguel Angel Aranda (Viper)

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