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MATE to the rescue

Ubuntu 17.10 has been pretty good on my laptop, but there were minor issue that had me seriously looking to return to Antergos. On a whim, I decided to give Ubuntu MATE a try. I used the system on one of my desktops and had success, so I decided to give the 17.10 alpha release a try. To my surprise, it worked better than Ubuntu proper.

I was able to connect my laptop to my printer without issue. Dropbox worked like is should, allowing me to selectively sync my files. Within thirty minutes, my system was updated, tweaked and ready to start writing. This post if my first using the MATE desktop.

All isn’t perfect in MATE land. For right now, at least, power manager fails on my laptop. There’s a bug report out, so a fix will be on its way. While I don’t know when my laptop will run out of juice, I do know I have at least seven hours based on previous usage with other distros. Other than that, things have been a smooth experience and I look forward to continued good PC fortune.

Does this mean my love affair with Ubuntu proper is over? No. I enjoyed the experience. When the Ubuntu devs can catch up with the MATE team in terms of performance, I’ll give it another look. Right now, however, I’m sticking with my new MATE install until next month, when Ubuntu proper moves into solid beta status. If things go well, I will be rocking a GNOME desktop. If not, then I will be writing my novel using Ubuntu MATE during NaNoWriMo this year.

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