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Minor issues with Ubuntu 17.10

Going on my third week using Ubuntu 17.10 and so far it continues to be a positive experience. Of course there are occasional issues, but nothing that would make me reinstall Windows or move to another distribution. I want to look online for answers to the few issues I’ve encountered. First, I want to address the Dropbox icon issue. I don’t like having all my files on my laptop. There’s no reason to have non-writing files on my writing machine.

While the inconvenience of having all my files on my laptop is minor, one major problem I’ve encountered is hooking my laptop to my printer. I have a Samsung Xpress series multifunction printer. Connecting a Windows machine to the network printer is as easy as clicking the left mouse button. On Ubuntu 17.10, not so much. I keep getting installation errors. So far, nothing on the internet has been helpful. If I can’t get the printer installed, then I have two options: I can use my desktop to print from when I need printed material. Or, I can give in and reach for my Windows 10 thumb drive where I know everything works.

I think I’ll poke around and see what I can find online. I’m not desperate enough to reinstall Windows.

At least, not yet.

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