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No place like GNOME

Just when I settled into my Antergos MATE desktop, what do the devs do? They release GNOME 3.26 into the wild. I swear they did this knowing I would drop everything, throw a flash drive into my laptop and install it. And I did just that. I need therapy.

Since installing Antergos is the same no matter what desktop environment you use, I was up and running in 20 minutes. Wow, this release has my name all over it. Well, my name is only in the right corner, but I feel like the devs made this release for me. Everything works as it did in MATE, but with that GNOMEy goodness I enjoy. As I did in MATE, I removed the Synaptics driver and made sure libinput and its dependencies were met. Everything else has been working flawlessly. I have the GNOME desktop I want, which paves the way for my using it during NaNoWriMo this year. (Sorry MATE, but we’re still cool, right?)

I’m going to stop gushing and start configuring so I can get back to working on my NaNo prep.

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