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What I use: Todoist

I give anyone credit who can keep their to-do list in their head. I’m not one of them. I need something to help keep me on task or nothing gets done. I tried several apps, and setting on programs like and Wunderlist because of their feature-rich, yet minimalist designs. Ultimately, I settled on Todoist, which is available for Windows 7/10, iOS, Android and the Web.

On first look, Todoist is no different than the other apps I mentioned. Click on + sign and add your task, due date and category (called projects). The app keeps track of your task by due date or project. It also allows you to see which tasks are overdue, placing them on top of all other tasks. However, there are a few advanced features that make using Todoist a must for me.

Smart date recognition
When I type or speak the task, Write Todoist blog post August 31, Todoist will create the task, Write Todoist blog post and schedule the due date for August 31, 2017.

Smart reschedule of overdue tasks
Sometimes I don’t get to complete all the tasks you have assigned. That’s when Todoist’s rescheduling options come in handy. The app’s AI will intelligently select the best time to reschedule tasks based on your previously completed tasks, the urgency of the tasks and whether your tasks are best completed during the week or weekends.

While adding subtasks, setting labels and having a breakdown of your completed tasks are available in a premium version, the free version is more than enough to help you power through your day one task at a time.

This is what I use, how about you? Share it in the comments.


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