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About the author

Trinae Ross

Author • Gamer • Linux Geek

Great! You reached my site. Oh, you happened here by mistake? It’s okay, I like having visitors. Even if by accident.

Who am I? Excuse my rudeness, I’m Trinae and I’m a writer.

Okay, I’m working on that part. Wait, you want to know more? Awesome! Read on!

I was that nerdy kid on the living room floor with a pen and notebook, instead of hanging with the neighborhood kids. Now, I’m a nerdy adult sitting at my home office desk, armed with a laptop and lots of coffee.

I’m living my childhood dream. Even if it’s sometimes a nightmare.

I’m not an expert. Like you, I’m struggling with everything from dealing with rejection and writer’s block to losing weight, finding time to write and beating the latest video games. There’s a lot more for me to learn, but it looks like I’m in good company, so we’ll learn together.

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Happy to meet you!