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To say it’s been a long while since I’ve updated the blog is an understatement. I can’t believe this is my first post of 2017 and it’s almost a quarter over. It’s not to say I haven’t been productive; I mean Ive gotten myself into incredible shape over the last three months. But when it comes to writing, I have been slacking. I said a long time ago that I would either be a writer…

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Morning ritual: trading the weights for a keyboard

It’s 6:30 AMĀ and I’m out the bed and in front of the PC writing this post. I’m trying to get into a routine of getting up earlier to either write (like I’m doing now) or to hit the gym. Yesterday, I went to the gym in the morning and, while I had a great workout, I noticed by the end of the day, I was mentally out of it. Of course, this could have been…

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Well that was scary

Back from a long and eventful doc visit. While I am in seriously good health, my blood pressure has been an issue on and off for three years. Diet and exercise, while it’s done wonders for my physique, surprisingly hasn’t done much to improve my systolic and diastolic numbers. I eat healthier than most, though I do cheat meals on the weekends. I don’t smoke, do recreational drugs and I have a drink or at…

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Been under the weather for a few days. I managed to get through the workday, but there was nothing left creatively. Sitting in my chair, my fingers floundered around my keyboard, but blog posts and other ideas wouldn’t come. Instead of letting frustration set in, I decided to focus on getting better. Instead of writing, I nursed myself back to health. And while I’m not 100 percent, I can at least get ready to participate…

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Better sleep, better creativity

Sometimes all it takes is a good night’s rest to kick start the creative process. It’s been a rough week for me. With computers on the fritz, car trouble and the heat stealing any chance of rest, I hadn’t been feeling too creative lately. Last night had been the last straw as I removed the remaining plastic from my air conditioner I had banished to the basement. While I wouldn’t call myself cheap, I would…

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