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Category: On My Mind

What has shaped my writing?

It’s a simple question for which I had a simple answer. That is, until I thought about it. Writing found me completely by accident. In both middle and high school, I wrote papers for class when I had to, but I never occurred to me that I enjoyed putting words on paper because I was too consumed with chasing my dream of becoming a comic book artist! Unfortunately, passion can only take you so far. And…

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A hurricane instead of steady rain

When you look on the internet, the advice for new writers starting their blogs seems to be to have a unified theme instead of posting random musings. May I scream just a little? Please? Don’t get me wrong, if you’re the one-theme writer, then go for it. But I suspect most folks aren’t so one-dimensional. Seeing myself sitting at the desk, typing the same thing over and over feels too Jack Torrance if you know what I mean.…

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Keep moving forward

There comes a moment when you realize it’s time to move on. Maybe that realization comes while trying to see daylight within the murk of the project on which you’ve been working for weeks. Maybe it’s a relationship you thought was worth trying to rebuild only to come to the harsh reality that sometimes there is nothing left to repair. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by that single moment, that we forget one of the…

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Needed a change of scenery after spending the last four days of my life fixing six computers. Not the way I wanted to start off my vacation, but it was necessary. Good news is as of this writing, I can start to enjoy my vacation somewhat. By saying somewhat, I mean, I’m not going to be sitting at my desk for almost 13 hours a day taking apart PCs, installing operating systems and testing programs.…

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A Hard Day’s Night

There’s a Beatles’ song titled, “A Hard Day’s Night” that sums up the day perfectly. It’s been a constant state of go since I opened my eyes this morning. The only reason I’m not knocked out on my butt is I’m determined to finish with my Linux Mint testing project. Then there’s the matter of my wanting to keep in the groove of writing daily. But When I do close my eyes in the next…

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