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Switching to Linux: Where to start

In an earlier post, I briefly went over my reasons for ditching Windows 10 and turning to Linux. Today we’ll look at options new users have to begin their journeys into open source software. I’ve used more Linux operating systems—called distributions for those in the know—than I can count. Ultimately, I settled on Antergos, which is an operating system based on Arch Linux. For new users, this isn’t the best place to start. When you’ve…

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Next step in Linux migration

I’ve been using Linux over the past year and while there have been small issues here and there, the experience on a whole has been pretty damn awesome. I enjoyed my foray into the land of open source so much, I decided to write using Linux full time. This means I’ll work primarily from my laptop and convert the desktop into a full-time gaming rig. Too bad, though; I already decided I wouldn’t be playing…

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Why Linux?

After reading the overview, you may be asking yourself, why Linux? What is it about this mysterious OS that has me ready to walk away from the familiarity of Windows? A familiarity that I’ve had for all of my adult life? Security Windows 10 launched with a lot of controversy. From reports that the new OS can spy on what users are doing, to reports of Microsoft’s insistence with trying to get users to upgrade…

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Moving to Linux

Over the last year or so I’ve changed operating systems more times than a fictional spy changing his identity. I’ve jumped from Windows to several versions of Linux, back to Windows and back to Linux. I recently switched back to Windows and I thought it would be the end of the discussion. However, with Microsoft’s assault on its user base with trying to force everyone to upgrade to Windows 10, my confidence in the company…

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elementary OS a good start for new users

Even though I’m currently on a KDE high, I wanted to install one of my previous NaNoWriMo companions, elementary OS, on my Dell laptop. This time, I will be looking at elementary OS Freya. One of my NaNo wins happened while using elementary, so I will admit to being a little biased. However, this review has little to do with me and more about the average user, so let me but away the nostalgia and…

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