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Category: Linux

elementary OS a good start for new users

Even though I’m currently on a KDE high, I wanted to install one of my previous NaNoWriMo companions, elementary OS, on my Dell laptop. This time, I will be looking at elementary OS Freya. One of my NaNo wins happened while using elementary, so I will admit to being a little biased. However, this review has little to do with me and more about the average user, so let me but away the nostalgia and…

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KaOS brings order to the Linux desktop

Spent the day with KaOS (version 2015.10), a rolling release distro that, according to their website, isn’t based on anything else. While KaOS borrows elements of other distros, this OS has been built from the ground up. With that said, if you’re familiar with Manjaro, Antergos or Netrunner, then you will be able to find your way around without much fuss. KaOS uses KDE and KDE only. They’re not interested in trying to include every DE being…

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