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App Preview: WPS Office 2016

Did you know there’s a world outside of Microsoft Office that doesn’t include LibreOffice or OpenOffice? WPS Office 2016 is an office suite, whose mobile version has over 50 million downloads with over 1 million Play Store reviews. Kingsoft, developer of WPS brought that same technology to both the Windows and Linux desktops. With a focus on complete compatibility with Microsoft Office, Kingsoft released their newest version of their office suite, WPS Office 2016 last month. WPS…

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Trying Windows 10: Day 02

Yesterday I installed Windows 10 on a dare. While it took more time and reboots I would like, I was finally able to look at a desktop and get started with my normal day-to-day. I will say it again; Windows 10 is fast. I would say it’s as fast as Windows 7. I would like to research boot time benchmarks between Windows 10 and Linux (Ubuntu and Arch) to see how much of a difference…

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Trying Windows 10: Day 01

I had to do it. Pride wouldn’t let me do anything else. I’m writing to you from Windows 10. Since I received a few messages that said my dislike for Microsoft’s latest and greatest OS was a little harsh; and that if I would take the time to get to use Windows 10 “for longer than ten minutes,” that I would see that it’s a solid OS. You know, they could be right. I mean…

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Is Windows 7 a perfect 10?

I know what you’re thinking and you’re right. If I’m looking for a Linux distro to use for NaNoWriMo, why am I installing Windows 7 Professional? Honestly, because Windows 7 is a good operating system. Just because I’m pro Linux doesn’t mean I’m anti Microsoft or Apple. (Though I did go through a hating Apple phase before I got my new iPad.) Since there’s no live environment to test, I installed Windows 7 on my…

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preview

I type for a living. A lot. Sometimes when I get home the last thing I want to do is type out a blog posts, work on revising a short story, or adding to my already lengthy novel. However, my words are going to write themselves… Or will they? At a copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking laying around and I decided to install it on this computer. (I had on my old computer before I had…

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