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Category: Tips & Tricks

Taming my Twitter account

I enjoy using Twitter. Maybe it’s for learning something new, or catching up with the latest trends. I wish I could spend more time reading what I want to enjoy versus scrolling through the slog of bots and spam accounts. Instead of putting up with it, I took a proactive approach and remove those nuisances from my account. Five hours and 253 unfollows later, I’m happy to say I think I did it. Just how…

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Fixing iTunes error HRESULT 0x80073715 in Windows 10

You would think installing iTunes would be easy in Windows, but for some damn reason, installing the newest version of iTunes in Windows 10 is next to freaking impossible. No matter what I tried, I would come up with this error: I mean, seriously, WTF! (Yes, it’s THAT frustrating.) Searching around the net yielded more bullshit and crapware peddlers than I cared to slog through; but I did. Almost two days later, I came across…

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Taming Google Chrome’s stubborn Other bookmarks folder

Notice that Other bookmarks folder in your Chrome bookmarks bar? Pulling out your hair because you can’t delete it? Here’s a simple solution: hide it. 1. Open Bookmarks Manager (Ctrl+Shift+O) 2. Click on Other bookmarks folder 3. Move or delete all bookmarks and folders within the Other bookmarks folder 4. BOOM! When you open a new tab, the Other bookmarks folder will disappear  

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