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Category: Project Updates

My way to the beginning

You ever had a lot to do, but wasn’t sure how to start? That’s how my week’s been. I need to get back to Racing the Rain, write some new short stories, work on other writing-related projects — as well as keeping this site updated — but sometimes I don’t where to start. I took stock of my projects and plotted them out on a calendar. Now my projects are laid out in front of…

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Racing the Rain

Been a while since I talked about Racing, so let’s catch each other up on current events. Chapter 4 is currently undergoing light editing and from that I’m taking notes to start writing chapter 5. It’s been slow, but things are progressing. That is all.

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Racing back to writing

Stepping Stones Magazine is back up and running. Now I need to turn my attention to writing, namely, continue working on Racing the Rain. I finished a very rough chapter four, so now I need to go back and make sense of it all. I already started on chapter five, so I am hoping to keep the momentum going. I’m still trying to get to know more about what Marcus wants out of life. This…

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Breaking through

Now that Stepping Stones Magazine has returned (or will officially launch on August 12th), I can turn my attention back to writing. During the month the magazine was offline, I discovered that I can’t move on to something knew until I solve the problem in front of me. It’s some sort of mental issue in me, I know it. I just can’t move forward until I solve the current problem. Funny, I’m not like that…

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Out of My Head

Finally got the chapter of Children of Ares out of my head and onto a page. I can get back to working on Racing the Rain. It’s funny how if an idea is strong enough, it can keep you from doing what you’re supposed to be doing until the idea is out of your brain. That’s what happened here. Now that’s over with, I can get back to Racing before my break in July to…

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