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Writing Wearing a Straitjacket Posts

MATE to the rescue

Ubuntu 17.10 has been pretty good on my laptop, but there were minor issue that had me seriously looking to return to Antergos. On a whim, I decided to give Ubuntu MATE a try. I used the system on one of my desktops and had success, so I decided to give the 17.10 alpha release a try. To my surprise, it worked better than Ubuntu proper. I was able to connect my laptop to my…

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Minor issues with Ubuntu 17.10

Going on my third week using Ubuntu 17.10 and so far it continues to be a positive experience. Of course there are occasional issues, but nothing that would make me reinstall Windows or move to another distribution. I want to look online for answers to the few issues I’ve encountered. First, I want to address the Dropbox icon issue. I don’t like having all my files on my laptop. There’s no reason to have non-writing…

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Working with Ubuntu daily

I switched to using Ubuntu 17.10 about two weeks ago. So far it’s been a surprisingly good experience. This is the first time I’ve use Ubuntu proper in years. I’ve used Kubuntu and Ubuntu MATE, but I was never a fan of the Unity desktop. When I heard Canonical was bringing Ubuntu back into the GNOME fold, I had to try it. I’ve had an interesting relationship with the GNOME desktop depending on the distribution.…

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Okay in letting go

I’m learning the hard way that it’s okay to let go. For the longest time I had this belief of not giving up under any circumstances. I applied this thinking in my professional and personal lives. I adopted the philosophy while playing video games (I’m looking at you Dark Souls.) I found the biggest example of my never-say-die attitude in my relationships with friends. I’ve often joked that my greatest strength is my greatest weakness;…

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Disconnecting to make other connections

I will try something new. I’m spending one day offline from the world. What that means for me is that I will pick a day of the week — most likely Sunday — where I disconnect from my phone, internet and other sources of connectivity that seems to invade my daily life. I feel the need to decompress from it all for a bit. Giving myself a day off from the digital deluge will give me…

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