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Writing Wearing a Straitjacket Posts

I want to be a King, but I’ll settle for being an author

So, the dust is slowly settling on the ill-famed Great PC Crash of 2010. Relief efforts have gone well. My desktop is about 80% functional, with my laptop coming in a little over 90%. Since I got myself back up and running faster than I thought, it’s time to refocus on writing. If one thing my latest computer shenanigans taught me–besides the importance of keeping several backups copies of work–is that owning a computer doesn’t…

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Better sleep, better creativity

Sometimes all it takes is a good night’s rest to kick start the creative process. It’s been a rough week for me. With computers on the fritz, car trouble and the heat stealing any chance of rest, I hadn’t been feeling too creative lately. Last night had been the last straw as I removed the remaining plastic from my air conditioner I had banished to the basement. While I wouldn’t call myself cheap, I would…

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Writing on the rails

For the last two weeks, I’ve been complaining about having to drive and not having commuter time to write or to catch up on reading. I complained that having to sit in traffic stifled my creativity; further complaining about how much writing I could accomplish if I could just sit on the train and put my fingers to the keyboard. Well, it looks like all my protesting paid off as I woke up this morning…

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Why does it feel like the walls are closing in?

Is it wrong for a writers to want their own spaces? Does it make us wrong to want a small nook in the house that we can call our own? A place where we can work our craft in an environment that fuels our creativity? These are some of the questions I am sitting here asking myself, locked in my bedroom, hoping – for five minutes at least—that the world is held back behind the…

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Oh, yeah…I’m a writer, too

Wow, almost four months passed since I updated this post. Don’t worry, I haven’t been lazy. I spent the time working on First Step Press-related things. We have a new website over there ( along with websites for Stepping Stones Magazine: ALMIA and Crimson Rivers Magazine. Now that we’re up and running, it’s time for me to take off my publisher’s hat and put on my writer’s cap. I figured a good way to shake…

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